My name is Brian
Here you see the "outlaw" of the bunch. As far back as I can remember I grew up here in Idaho with a firearm in my hand and was taught by my grandfather who was a World War I veteran. He had a sharp eye as a shooter as well as the patience to teach the art of shooting to a beginner and make sure safety was always first. I spent a little time in the military as well as law enforcement and my specialty is with shot gunning and rifles for hunting. Because with a pistol I can't hit "a bull in the butt with both hands" but am learning and my aim is getting better. In starting this online business I figured that rather than running guns as some of my fore-fathers did in the old west that this way they wouldn't hang you! Many of my Native American relatives not only did this to help their brothers but to make a living as I try to do.

Here is the senior of our group and here is one of the last of his kind, Deane Richardson. Military for many years, old style gunsmith, truck driver, knuckle buster and machinist. He was taught to be a straight shooter growing up as well with a few years experience in Alaska with the large critters they grow in that neck of the woods. His specialty is with a few of the newer weapons but the older weapon is where he shines the most. The old cowboy weapons like the 44-40, 32-20, 45 long colt and the popular 38-55 to mention a few. He is a member of many of the Cowboy Shooting organizations or that are affiliated with the older weapons of our times. He is a walking encyclopedia of the older weapons as this is where his knowledge is unsurpassed and is a value to our business.

This here is the youngster of the crew that has joined us in our quest to serve and protect the “Innocent” here at the shop. Rod kinda reminds ya of the lead singer Randy Owens of Alabama but Randy is a little mellower than Rod and a better singer too! Rod is a hard working little skinny cuss that with about every free minute he gets he’s either shooting or tinkering with an AR-15 after working as a city employee. He is for sure our only hope as a master with the AR’s but Deane and I are doing our part to get him to move towards “The Dark Side” so as we can have our own “Darth Vader” as we introduced him to the older black powder weapons and we’re happy to report that it’s working! He enjoys his 44 magnum 10 inch Ruger as well as his AR-15 Bull Barrel Varmiter but has found a new lover with the 45 Long Colt and think we have him starring down at a 44-40 as he was surprised at what this caliber can do. At his modern day job he can operate just about every piece of heavy equipment from a backhoe to a 65 ton track hoe and if we succeed in the transplant to the “Old West” we’ll let ya know of his progress. “So Pard”, if any one of us can be of any help please let Rod or the other two old farts know and we’ll see what we can do fur ya!


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