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I am very proud to now offer Eagle Eye Scopes as part of our line of shooting accessories to help our shooters. I have been using the Eagle Eye Scopes for sometime now and there is no comparison with the quality as well as price with the likes of Luepold, Zeiss, Swarovski, Nikon or even Burris and Bushnell. These are the scopes where “you can see the difference when you first look into it”!

The company was able to acquire almost the same equipment that cuts the optics for the two most expensive scopes known and used while purchasing almost the same glass for the lenses for their scopes. This in itself makes the scopes one of the best buys for any shooter that has to have quality for their weapons while either hunting or attacking a target at better than 500-700yards or even more.

At present I have fourteen different rifles from a 22 cal. Ruger to a Winchester Classic 300 Win. Mag. with an Eagle Eye Scope mounted a top the receivers. Now don’t get me wrong as I also have a couple Leupold’s as well as a couple Nikon’s but I like my Eagle Eye’s better as for the “fine tuning” that Eagle Eye line gives me. All other scopes it takes one click for the reticule to move a quarter of an inch on target and with an Eagle Eye, “one click is but 1/8 of an inch”! Does Luepold or Zeiss offer that? The answer is “NO”! That’s why with a Ruger Model 77 Mark II in a 223 Remington with a target 8 x 32 x 50 AO, I can cover three shots with a dime at 250 yards and that’s no joke “Pard”! If you have a speedy weapon like one of mine, that’s great as well! I have a Winchester Model 70 Classic in 223 WSSM with also a Target 8x32 and cover 3 shots with a quarter at 450 yards. If you got “shootin to do”! Then Eagle Eye Scopes will “Get-er Done”!

So, believe me that I take my shooting very serious and am not about to steer anyone wrong on what these scopes will do for you. So, take it from a modern day shootist, “they are the best thing to happen since canned beer!


Since I am a distributor for Eagle Eye Scopes I am looking for stocking dealers that would like to carry this line of scopes in their shops, stores or even at their attending gun shows. If you are in the United States or Canada and would like to participate and become a dealer please contact me and let’s talk and that’s Brian at Idaho 1-208-467-7788… If you are in any state but the following please contact me and let’s see what we can do and that goes for Alaska and Hawaii as well. The following states are already taken which are, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Montana, Western Washington, Wisconsin, California, Tennessee.

How about some testimonials from the hunters that purchased some of these fine scopes!

Emmett, Idaho
Brian, glad I found you where as you have these scopes as I bought one in the fall of 2000 at the Boise Gun Show from the company’s owner. I mounted it and used it that fall and in 2001 while hunting and I fell from a small rock bluff. When I landed at the bottom the scope took the worst beating imaginable. It had both ends bent down, one lens was cracked and my back was almost broken as well. Had to be air-lifted out and when I saw my scope I had to get it replaced or repaired along with my rifle. I looked for days after my surgery to find the box or warranty for it and sorry to say couldn’t find either one. After 8 years I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to call the company and explaining my plight to them and was amazed that just 5 days later in the mail was my new scope with the receipt saying,” No Charge”! When you told me that they are guaranteed for life I have to say that “they mean it”! My son had to have his Luepold looked at a couple years ago and they charged him $150.00 for their repairs after just 4 years of use and he waited almost 3 months to get it back. That is why he bought an Eagle Eye from you because he was impressed with the way they handled my case. When I hear someone looking for a scope, we both tell them of our experiences with Eagle Eye and steer them in your direction as we both are very pleased with ours because we both have tack driving rifles now. Thank you! Richard

Baker City, Oregon
Brian thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for the Turret Caps that I lost and was sent from the company. I was willing to pay for the caps because I was the one who lost them while sighting in my rifle at the range. I couldn’t understand why you just wanted my address to send to the company as again I asked you for a price and shipping. I was shocked to find 5 days later two new caps in the mail from Arizona and the invoice saying, “No Charge”! I was additional shocked when I read the footnote on the invoice saying this one statement,”When buying Eagle Eye products you not only buy the product but the service as well", "Steve”! I’m glad now that I bought this scope from you because I can see that what you told me about the company’s policy is true. They are “guaranteed for life” and they do stand by their products no matter what the problem is. Thanks again sir, McCoy

Burns, Oregon
Thought I would let you know that I’m glad you talked me into that 6-24x50 Eagle Eye Scope you sold me. I put it on my Bull Barrel 22-250 Ruger Varmint rifle because we have very sneaky Coyotes here at the ranch. Did just what you told me to do as for the range that I wanted it sighted in at because of the power of the optics was greater than the caliber and it has worked better than I dreamed of. To prove it to you I shot one at about 450 yards as all I could see was his head, cranked up the power and placed the cross hairs on his right eye and fired. Bullet exited behind his left ear. Did I mention that he was between three calves when I shot as he was waiting to take one down when I shot him. The calves looked at him after he dropped and wondered why he wasn’t running away. I have made many shots that way recently because before I was reluctant do this with my other scope that I had. But not anymore! Thanks my friend and when we meet again I want a couple more scopes for other rifles I have. Thanks Rod

Garden Valley, Idaho

I can’t thank you enough in taking the time to explain these scopes to me and selling me two of the best scopes that I own now! I was amazed at first with the way to “fine Tune” these scopes and how accurate they really are. I have tightened the group better than I dreamed I could do since I have a better view at what I’m aiming at. Thank you very much for offering these scopes to me! “Deane”

Lakeview, Oregon
Hey Buddy! Thought I would send you note about that scope you sold me at the show this year because I’m a little upset with you about it! The reason I’m upset is that you didn’t have them sooner! I have fallen head over heels with this 8x32x50 AO on my 223WSSM Winchester as it has made some awesome shots on coyotes that other guy’s can’t believe. I took one right after sighting it in on my rifle at better than 600 yards with one shot and he didn’t know what hit’em! Thanks Bud.. “Bill”

Pierce, Idaho
Hey Brian you old fart! I’m sure glad you sold me that 4x16x50 scope this last fall as it paid off big time. I shot a nice Bull Elk with my 243 WSSM at 300 yards right behind his ear, “right where I put the cross hairs”! That is one scope that I want more of on the rest of my rifles, even my 22 long rifle! “Harry R”

Baker City, Oregon
Can’t thank you enough sir for selling me that 4x16x42 scope this last spring as I put it on my 338 Magnum and my Elk shooting has improved this fall with a nice 5 point Bull. Placed the shot right where the cross hairs laid on him and down he went. The recoil has not moved the reticules at all, like you said they wouldn’t! So, “happy”! No complaints here and in fact now I want one on my “06” so I can make more of those long worry free shots! Put me down for another one please at the next show here. “Jim”

Huntsville, Alabama
Brian, sorry to say this but did have a problem with that Eagle Eye scope you sold me in that 10x40x50 AO. After I got it on my rifle the reticule moved on me after the third shot. Put it back with the bore sight and it did it again. I remembered that you told me that if “anything” went wrong to send it back to the company so called them first and they told me to ship it to them after telling them the problem. I was amazed that 8 days later I had a brand new scope in the mail with the receipt saying, “No Charge” as “Factory Defect”! Now it is a tack driver and I am as tickled as tick on a dog! “Mike”

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that your suggestion for my “Bean Shooter” was a great suggestion. (He has a bean shooter which is 28 inch 25-06 for shooting across bean fields) This fall took it with me on our annual Antelope hunt and did it ever perform as you said with that new scope I bought which was a 10x40x50 with the mill dot reticule. I had one of my friends stay where I took the shot and I took my range finder to where this Antelope laid with one shot and took a reading. It said it was 605 yards to where my friend was and I was very proud of my 20 1⁄4 inch Antelope buck with a 117 grain bullet. If I need another scope you can bet that I will be calling you with my order. “Reed”

Boise, ID
Brian, I wanted to inform you as to how impressed I am with your scopes as well as the company’s customer service. I bought the scope (6-24x50 AOE) from you because of its clarity and how easy and fast it was to focus. It wasn’t till after I had mounted the scope and took it to the range to sight in that I found that the reticule wouldn’t hold which prompted me to head for your place immediately because I had less than 3 days before leaving for my hunting trip in Alaska. You can’t imagine how low I felt when you told me that you were out of the scope that I needed. What got me is when you tuned without any hesitation and phoned the manufacturer about my dilemma. What came next wasn’t what I expected when you handed the phone to me and I was talking with the owner and CEO of Eagle Eye Optics and the questions he asked of me about the problem. When he asked when I could ship the scope or have you do it that his response was, due to the limited time frame, “we’ll handle it”! Here I had spent a small fortune for this hunt as well as new scope only to think that I would have to cancel this life time adventure as time didn’t seem to be on my side at all as this was happening on Tuesday and departure was Friday. I left very disappointed and knew it wasn’t your fault and was upset with myself for leaving things to be done at the last minute which I felt was my own undoing.

You have no idea as to how completely dumb founded I was to see FedEx drive up to my front door the next day and have the driver hand me a package marked, “over night delivery, Eagle Eye Optics”! It was the new scope and the message was “sorry for the inconvenience as there is no charge and hope you have fun”! I have dealt with companies before that promise you the moon and then never deliver till they’re ready and then to have this scope delivered the next day was outstanding as for customer service. I was able to be on the range that afternoon and able to meet the deadline for the trip which I bagged my first ever bull moose from Alaska. Please accept my deepest appreciation to you as a dealer and your commitment to your customers as well as the amazing customer service of the manufacturer Eagle Eye Optics. You can be assured that if I ever need another scope or if I ever hear of someone needing a scope that I will do my level best to have them contact you for their needs. Thanking you is nowhere near enough for what you did for my trip. “Fredrick M.”

When you get yours and after you try it for yourself and want to be added to this “happy letter” list. Just drop me a line about the pleasurable shooting with your Eagle Eye Scope and it will be added if possible.

The list below covers about all of the scopes that you can get from me and will ship them out as soon as we get your order and payment.

1. Black Powder Scopes At 30mm Diameter Tubes
8. Illuminated Crosshair Scopes At 30mm Diameter Tubes
2. Decline / Sniper Scopes Both standard and illuminated 9. Illuminated Crosshair Rifle Scopes standard or 1” Tubes
3. Air Rifle & 22 Rifle Scopes
10. Adjustable Objective and Illuminated
Crosshair Scopes
4. Red Dot Scopes
11. Adjustable Objective Rifle Scopes
5. Compact Scopes 12. Target Rifle Scopes
6. Regular Rifle Scopes Diameter Tubes 13. Target Scopes in 30mm
7. Camouflage Scopes 14. Target Scopes- 30mm Diameter Tubes in Fixed Powers Only


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