Welcome to Old Fart's Gun Shop
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After many years of being a rock hound and back yard jeweler, I had yet another passion which was with firearms. Hunting for deer, elk, ducks, pheasants and above all the quail here in Idaho, I thought that it was high time to start to do something that I like to do as well as cut a rock. So, with pen as my choice of weapon and talent for old firearms, I went ahead and filed for my Federal Firearms License.

Here at the shop we will be offering many different weapons on site for your shooting pleasures both new and used.

We will be carrying models from the old up to the modern as well as the calibers that you can use as "Cowboy Shooting" to "Hunting models" to "home security". Our policy here will be that if the weapon is new, it will come in the box. If the weapon is a used weapon it will be of quality as well as super clean and checked out.

We deal in such fine weapons as Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Colt, Sig., Navy Arms, Springfield Armory, S&W and other brands of firearms, just to mention a few. If you are looking for yet another model that we do not have in stock drop us a line and we'll see if we can find one for you at a price we can both live with.

We are very proud to announce that we are a major dealer now for Cimarron/Uberti firearms which has the highest rating for quality Replica's in the firearm industry today!

In any case we will do our best to help out in anyway possible. We want your business as well as having a great experience here at

"Ye Old Farts Gun shop"!

Brian C. Averett
408 1/2 East Carol St.
Nampa, Idaho 83687
e-mail me at triplearockshop@triplearockshop.com

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