Old Fart's Gun Shop History

The history about the “Old Farts Gun Shop” is some what a fairy tale I guess as to the way this little business started.

I grew up out here in Idaho and had the fortune to have a grandfather that was sort of shootist that took great pleasure in teaching someone the right way to handle a firearm. So, at about the age of, I think, 5 years old I was given the chance to learn all about a 22 rifle and what it could do at certain distances of which made a believer out of me in the amount of what this little cartridge could do. When I was around 10 years old and with the help of a fast traveling creek out back of the family farm and an empty can, I was introduced to a 410 shotgun and learned how to “wing shoot”! This was the best way my grandfather knew in how to get me accustom to shooting a moving target. “Heck”, he was so good with a 22 that he had fun shooting little Mud Dobber birds under the irrigation bridge with 22 short’s. But to make things interesting he shot these birds while in flight! He said he was giving them a “fighting chance” and believe me, I saw a lot of those birds fall in the canal on many occasions as he was that good. I have never come that close with a 22 but still remember those days and hope someday to at least be able to hold a candle to the shot he was.

Here in the west it’s not that hard for the wife and I to take a Sunday afternoon drive to check out a spot to hunt a rock and find ourselves face to face with some sort of wild critter. This could be a Bear, Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Antelope, Moose, Bob cat and yes even an “Attorney”! Now that’s one that I don’t have a stuffed mount of on the wall yet but Dick Chaney has one, but for me, “Someday”! When we head out to check something out I’m never without my sidearm as I never leave home without it. “Good Insurance”! It has saved me some great pain a couple times as we are blessed out here with Rattlesnakes and that’s one critter you don’t want to have a run in with. So, it’s a must to make sure that you know where your weapon shoots and know what you are aiming at when tromping around the hills if you have to shoot. That’s why the word “Practice” came to be!

What was fun was teaching the wife to shoot and now she isn’t too bad with a rifle or pistol and her favorite is a Colt AR-15 as she calls that her “toy”! Now, it is a Colt 45 1911 style that she is trying to master as she has her own 243, 308 and loves to shoot my 300 Win Magnum just for giggles. She has been given the nickname “Gutsy”, since she’s about 120 pounds soaking wet and only 5 foot nothing!

Then I met up with this older character that had been an old style weapon gunsmith that loved all the old calibers that won the west and this is where I made the biggest mistake and asked, “Let’s sell GUNS”!

Deane and I started to sell guns at our local gun shows as a private seller or private treaty seller which is legal here in Idaho. But after hearing some of the horror stories of what could happen is when I decided to get my Federal Firearms License and be legal. My fore fathers many years ago would have lifted your scalp for a couple weapons and I’d thought about doing this yet again but as my fore fathers learned, a rope was never very good for the health!

So, one night over dinner we discussed the fact that what should be done is make a small business out what we all loved to do and Deane’s book keeper (his wife) agreed! Both the women thought it would be a whole lot better to be legal rather than having our necks stretched by the long arm of the law. We thought for days about what to name the business till one day we both were badgering one another and I said,” Well what do expect from a couple old farts”! The name came as natural as spring rain to the high desert and has stuck with us ever since. Even at the gun shows ask anyone of the sellers or dealers where to find the old farts and they’ll be glad to point us out to you as this is what they call us as well “two old farts”!

So there you have it as to how our little business got started and now on the net in full swing.

My main goal and I speak for Deane as well, when I say something about a firearm we intend to do the best we can with what we have to the best of our abilities! We want your business and will try and make you proud of what you buy from us at all times. We not only sell firearms but if you have a pistol, rifle or even something that may interest us, please let us know as we also just buy firearms as well as trade too!

We both like the older calibers but a newer one will do just as good and we are both, to say the least, “Picky” about what we buy and in what condition! Pictures are a must when we buy and the more clear the pictures and description the better we like it as this DOES make a difference. So, if you have one that has been in the closet for many years and it is not being used anymore, feel free to e-mails us or just give me a call and we go from there.

So, if you are tired of all the rest and are ready to be helped by a couple of the best, then e-mail us or call and we’ll do what we can to make your experience well worth the time here at the shop. “We’r always tryin to do what’s right and hep others”! “Heck”, someday we may need a little help from you and it’s only fair to extend a helping hand! As both our fathers use to say, “ Ya ride for the brand and stand by it”!

You all have a goodin, “Ya hear”!

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