Pistol Caliber Brass Once Fired
9mm. Lugar
38 Special
357 Magnum
40 S&W
41 Magnum
44 Special
44 Magnum
45 ACP
45 Colt

Here at The Old Farts Gun Shop I have had a service for the re-loader for many years as well as when I was on E-bay with once fired brass casings. I take pride in what I offer for once fired brass as I have carried once fired brass that I have got from indoor shooting ranges. Now we all know that the term once fired is a term and not absolute as if it was guaranteed once fired brass, I would have to have fired all myself and my arm would be mostly torn off if I had! I carefully sort the brass for head stamp names as well as calibers that the shooters like to use and then inspect, clean and polish the brass so as it is ready to use. I leave the spent primers in so as the postal services can not say the brass is live and ship with the United States Postal Service as for they are the quickest form of shipping. Larger orders are shipped by an overland service that is about as quick as it can travel because many re-loaders want their product delivered fast and efficient.


Since being an FFL license holder I'm always buying reloading components and get all the information pertaining to such supplies from my wholesalers. If you haven't heard about the new prices let me tell you what has been happening. With many of the major manufactures of loaded ammunitions they all have government contracts to supply the war efforts and or troops to fight in the Iraq War. With this in mind all have shut down manufacturing ammunitions for the private sector or for the everyday shooter. In doing this and with the supply and demand being the driving force that all new brass casings took a 15% hike in wholesale prices the first of January 2008. If that is not enough bad news, they are planning another raise in Primers, Powder and Brass Casings again sometime in April and then again by mid summer and the percentage will be again at 15% straight across the board.

Get stocked up on your brass casings as it will be a long time before you'll see any relief if any at all!

I will try and do my best to keep my prices as low as I can to all my customers until such time that it is not possible to resume the present prices.

In cleaning of the brass I allow the brass to be in a walnut media for about an hour as this removes a lot of the fire scale that is on the brass as it is fired from the weapon. Then it is placed in a corn cob media for about three hours to bring a semi or glossy finish to the brass and then placed in a plastic sack for delivery. The count is made by weight as many of the head named casing weigh different and as always allow for a few more just incase the count maybe short or as I put it. You may screw a couple up and need the count anyway! So, this way I know and can assure you of a proper amount as for count of your order. If the parcel or parcels of brass are not insured at the time of shipping then delivery is at the risk of the buyer and we are not liable for the loss to either refund money or replace any brass order if it is not insured.

Below is what calibers I try to carry and as always quantity orders are always accepted and treated with high regards. Price is always answered on request as I ask you to give me the quantity as well as the address so as the shipping and price of the brass are accurate.

Rifle Caliber Brass Once Fired
223 Remington
223 WSSM
243 Win.
243 WSSM
25-35 Win.
257 Roberts
270 WSM
30 Caliber Carbine
30-30 Win.
308 Win.
30-40 Kreg
7mm. Win. Mag
7mm WSM
300 Win Mag.
325 WSM
38-55 Win.
Marlin 444

Always remember that if there is something else that you maybe looking for please drop me an e-mail because if I don't have it I may know someone that does.

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